Episode 9: Hallowell

For Episode 8 we went to Slates, The Liberal Cup, and Easy Street, where Joe said, “I don’t get drunk a lot and I’m drunk,” to which Joel replied in disbelief, “Did he just say he doesn’t get drunk a lot?”

If you’re new to Food Coma TV, don’t forget to watch the show all the way through the end so that you can catch the outtakes.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors: Novare Res Bier Cafe, Allagash Brewing Company, Rosemont Market and Bakery, Nosh Kitchen Bar, and Lola’s Taqueria.

Host: Joe Ricchio
Co-Host: Joel Beauchamp
Director: Kurt Graser
Producer: Alex Steed
Photography: Kurt Graser, Thomas Starkey, Zack Bowen
Design: Beth Taylor / Longstocking Design
Music: Sunset Hearts, Waiting for Sully, Talking to Walls, Doctor Astronaut, Brett Tubin, Cam Groves, The Outfits, Matt Anderson, Tiki Thom Starkey, and DJ Jason Keith.

Special thanks:

Bruce Mayo: Mayor of Hallowell. (That’s actually Charlotte Warren, but I think she’d be cool with us calling him that in an honorary sense.)
Slates and the Liberal Cup for totally putting themselves out for us.
Nanl. Nan’l? A contraction? That can’t be right. Fucking Nathaniel. Thanks for everything!
Bruce again. Those fucking Mai Tai pails. Holy shit.
That totally random guy who drunk-talked us about some weird, vibrate-y antique sex toy.