Episode 11: Newcastle and Nobleboro

We meant to go to Damariscotta but the folks in Newcastle and Nobleboro persuaded us to party with them instead. We met the dudes at Oxbow Brewing and drank their beer, met pigs and ate pigs, drank mead, met (but did not eat) Oyster Pete, and drank more beer.

Many thanks to Oxbow Brewing Company, Wriggins Hilltop Farm, Fat Friar’s Mead, and Newcastle Publick House for putting the food and booze to us.

Host: Joe Ricchio
Co-Host: Joel Beauchamp
Director: Kurt Graser
Producer: Alex Steed
Photography: Kurt Graser, Thomas Starkey, Zack Bowen
Design: Beth Taylor / Longstocking Design
Music: Sunset Hearts, The Engravers, Lady Essence, Colepitz, Matt Anderson, Mechanisma, Talking to Walls, Educated Advocates, Waiting for Sully, DJ Papercut, and Sontiago and Therese Workman

And many thanks to our generous sponsors: Novare Res Bier Cafe, Arm Factory, Rosemont Market and Bakery, Nosh Kitchen Bar, the Snug, and Lola’s Taqueria.