In Episode 2 we celebrate the classics: Steakhouses and Irish Bars. We take down a Brontosaurus steak along with a plethora of delicious sides before annihilating a barrel of Irish whiskey at Mr. Dooley’s. Then we go somewhere else where I’m told I drank a lot more. Then I wake up in front of my apartment building in a limo. Enjoy.

Special Thanks To:

ALC/VOL Wine Company
Smith and Wollensky
Made Rite Tattoo

Clubber Lang
Rustic Overtones –…
Chucklehead –…
Paranoid Social Club –…
Rick Cohen –

Directed by
Chris Loughran

Sound Mixer
Pete Nenortas

Camera Operators
Christoph Gelfand
Chris Loughran
Sean Meehan
Doreen O’Donnell

Edited by
Sean Meehan
Chris Loughran

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