Cast of Food Coma TV

Joe Ricchio 
 :  Host, Co-Creator

After many years spent working in restaurants, performing stand-up comedy, selling wine, and writing about food, it would be reasonable to refer to Joe Ricchio as some kind of gluttonous renaissance man. He is currently showcasing and glorifying the time taken from his life expectancy as the host and co-creator of Food Coma TV.  Find more of Joe @

Joel Beauchamp  :  Co-Host

Joel’s journey has taken him from a childhood in the slums of Columbia, South Carolina, where he fell in love with the food of the American south, to becoming one of the REAL housewives of Portland, ME, where he currently lives w/ his ridiculously gorgeous man and small dog.  In between, he has done a lot of random shit: managed a video store (that’s VHS, not DVD), played Satan in Ron Howard’s haunted house in Los Angeles, dabbled in crystal meth in Phoenix, AZ, and “researched” the bathhouse scene in Montreal for a never published article that he may be lying about.  His favorite food is Cheetos crushed up and sprinkled on a pot brownie.

Alex Steed  :  Producer, Co-Creator

One time in an email to the Food Coma TV team, Alex referred to himself of the Alpha and Omega of all things FCTV. He’ll probably never hear the end of that.

Kurt Graser  :  Director, Editor, Co-Creator

Kurt Graser is a Director, Producer and Editor. A native of Connecticut, he studied film at Clark University in Worcester Massachusetts. While an undergrad he worked in such productions as “Monster Garage” and “An Evening With Kevin Smith.” Since graduating, he’s produced television commercials, PSAs, infomercials, pilots, field productions and full-length documentaries for such companies as ESPN, NBC, MSG Network and American View Productions.  He currently lives in Portland with his wife Meghan and son Colin.

Zack Bowen  :  Photographer

Zack is a native Texan who eats, drinks, and photographs it all.
See more examples of Zack’s work @