Episode 7: Season One Recap

This is what Season One was like (Stanley Cup and all). Season Two will be just as fabulous, babe. Enjoy, let us know what you think, comment and check us out elsewhere on the Information Super Highway.

Opening song: “Shitty Song” by The Outfits

An aside: please check out this super long, super raunchy interview we did for the Portland Phoenix:


Food Coma TV Season One Recap & Outtakes: Food Coma TV

Director: Kurt Graser
Producer: Alex Steed
Photography: Kurt Graser, Thomas Starkey and Isaac Woodbury-High
Music: The Outfits, Waiting for Sully, Somerville Symphony Orkestar, Mechanisma, Space Versus Speed, The Rattlesnakes, Sunset Hearts
Design: Beth Taylor / Longstocking Design