Episode 1: Bangor

Episode 1 of Food Coma TV brings Joe and the gang to Bangor, Maine where he gets his fill at Fiddlehead, gets wrecked at Nocturnem, compounds said wreckage at Dysart’s and somehow makes everything better with breakfast pizza and a beer at Giacamo’s.

Host: Joe Ricchio
Director: Kurt Graser
Producer: Alex Steed
Photography: Zack Bowen and Isaac Woodbury-High
Music: Matt Anderson, Kevin Grant, Colepitz and David Jacquet
Design: Beth Taylor / Longstocking Design


Everyone who financed this project via Kickstarter; Laura Albin and Chef Melissa Chaiken (The Fiddlehead Restaurant); Eric and Christine Mihan (Bangor Wine and Cheese); Gene Beck (Nocturnem Draft Haus); Ann Marie Orr (Ann Marie’s Kitchen); Dysart’s; Brett Settle (Giacamo’s); Andrew Day (Paddy Murphy’s); Jason and Kristen Lainsbury (Maine Maven); Tanya Perera; Emily Burnham (Bangor Daily News); Jackie Ward (WCSH 6); Eleanor West; (Food Republic).