Episode 1: Somerville

Somerville, like everywhere in Boston it seems, is divided into various squares. In the inaugural episode of Off The Wagon, we hover between Union and Sullivan Square, taking care to avoid the throngs of college students that congest traffic in the more popular Davis Square. It was a full weekend in the making, which just so happens was during one of the most oppressive heat waves of the summer. To enhance my mood, the central air in my 4th floor apartment, which served as our base of operations and hotel for visiting guests, decided to shit the bed as well. The first day, which involved Jon Dietz as my guest, could have technically been named “cocktails, chicken, and sweating/swearing.” Needless to say, we persevered and after attending a metal show in a basement that night, drank enough to actually fall asleep in the hot apartment. The next morning, after getting word that Spose was running late, I fire up some spicy huevos rancheros while my girlfriend makes the crew a round of Ramos Gin Fizzes to shake the dust off and moisten the clay, if you will. After a notorious and ultimately unsuccessful “shower scene” we are off to Vinnny’s to meet Spose and gorge on massive amounts of Italian American food. I will admit that I had yet to meet Vinny himself, and holy shit this guy is amazing. He’s 65 years old and is in better shape than I have ever been in, and is, not to sound corny, truly an inspiration. After a few bottles of wine, and Spose eating flowers marinated in dog piss off of the ground, we saunter down the street to Mt. Vernon. Spose, while quite drunk, goes on a long rant about why he hates lobster, prompting a surly bar patron to assume that he is the host of the show. When our director returns a week later to get b-roll footage, said patron proceeds to harass him, claiming that the “drunk asshole host of your show owes this entire city an apology.” Oh well, I suppose that that sometimes all bets are off when you’re off the wagon…

Music by:
Bad Rabbits – https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ba…
Clubber Lang
Spose – https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/sp…
Spencer Albee
The Rancourts
The Chingon – https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ch…

Produced by
Chris Loughran
Joe Ricchio

Directors of Photography
Chris Loughran
Rick Macomber

Edited by
Chris Loughran
Sean Meehan

Animated Graphics
Sean Meehan