Episode 18: Waterville


“Waterville: You don’t have to be in any rush to leave.”

Joe and Joel discuss dream summer jobs [Aquaboggan Waterpark], EMF, Aaliyah, Gwen Stefani’s mid-Aughts career decisions, the Virgin Mary’s music preferences, why Joel was not equipped to work retail, and a perfect duck lasagne.

As always, watch through the end titles to see some outtakes.

Many thanks to Noble Barbecue for making this episode possible.

And thanks to Lebanese Cuisine, Silver Street Tavern & Restaurant, and Itali-ah Restaurant & Market for hosting us.

Music by Somerville Symphony Orkestar, Mike Be, Jeff Beam, Hollowstate, Brett Tubin, Renée Coolbrith and Sarah Violette.

Many thanks to Bull Moose for helping us to get musicians paid.