Episode 2: Fryeburg Fair

Episode 2 brings Joe and the gang to the Fryeburg Fair, where he rocks it with carnies, attacks children on the bumper cars, eats fried everything, and discovers the big, old-timey woman who resides inside of him.

Many thanks our generous sponsors, The Great Lost Bear, Nosh Kitchen Bar, Krista’s Restaurant and Longstocking Design.

Host: Joe Ricchio
Director: Kurt Graser
Producer: Alex Steed
Photography: Kurt Graser
Music: Matt Anderson, Kevin Grant, Waiting for Sully, Talking to Walls, and David Jacquet
Design: Beth Taylor / Longstocking Design

Many thanks:

All of our exceedingly generous Kickstarter funders; Crazy Dave’s Barbeque; everyone at the Fryeburg Fair (particularly the vendors that put up with us); whoever invented fried whoopie pies.