First off, THANK YOU to all of our listeners at The Food Coma Podcast. I have been having an absolute blast chatting with guests and am looking forward to recording many more episodes. 

I will admit that I was a little skeptical when Chris Loughran suggested we film a cooking show in my home kitchen. I argued that it was dated and kind of hideous, which only seemed to encourage him. After working with Chris on both the podcast and Off The Wagon with Joe Ricchio, I know to trust his instincts. As it turns out, he was right – and I actually couldn’t be happier working out of this kitchen.

So here it is – Food Coma: My Seventies Kitchen

We will feature a very broad range of dishes, adhering to no particular style outside of it being something I enjoy making and think is delicious. In our first video featured here, we go for a soothing Indian Dal – future episodes will range from Pho to Bolognese to Big Macs.

While our podcast content will always be free, adding this level of video production definitely ups the costs significantly – definitely more expensive than editing audio clips of me drinking wine and yammering into a microphone while interrupting my guests.

This being said, we’ve decided to launch our Patron program for those of our listeners who would enjoy – and hopefully benefit from – the cooking video content we will be creating. We have set up three tiers of patronage, with cumulative perks.

I sincerely hope you will join us,



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